What we do


Changing the Mind, Body and Future of each person



This Centre will not only enable the children to obtain a form of trade / qualification and avoid becoming dependent on Social Responsibility Grants, but enable people from all walks of life  to fulfil their dreams of self-betterment and sustainability.

This will be achieved through offering an array of internationally recognised and accredited courses as well as ensure all students receive Theory to Workplace experience.

We have taken the time to understand the foundation of each business operation before developing acute milestones and incorporating key performance drivers, with our goal being to prove that South Africa can be in a global contender.

Skills Development is a crucial aspect of any successful company as it not only benefits the employee but also the employer.

The productivity of an employer’s workforce affects the employer’s profitability. Low productivity could either be due to an undersupply of skills, or it may be due to the underutilisation of skills. In the case of undersupply, the worker or workforce does not have enough of the right skills to be productive. In the case of underutilisation, the worker or workforce have the right skills, but these are not well deployed.


Social Responsibilities

K2S in its mandate and quest to provide skills development to local communities including identification of income generating projects aimed at poverty reduction and sustainable community development.

K2S plans:

Converting and transforming this facility into a Community Resources Centre  that will generate maximum benefits for local families

Building a Training Centre that is adequately resourced through modern physical learning infrastructure and quality management systems.

Establishing a renowned Training Centre that will become a centre of excellence in the provision of training and skills development.

Positioning Keys2Success College of Choice makes it a vehicle for social and economic emancipation.


Providing high quality and relevant learning programmes.

Establishing a professionally managed Training Centre


Our Commitment

Raise funding through direct engagement with social investment funders, donor agencies & statutory bodies.

Applying for Learnership, Internships, Bursaries and Workplace Skills Funding.

Proper and compliant administrative and Governance structures runnin the Skills Centre.

Facilitate regular engagements and briefings with all interested stakeholders.

Improve the physical conditions of the buildings & entire facility.

Identify, develop and implement the relevant Learning Programmes.

Explore sustainability interventions for expansion and long-term continuity for the programme.

Ensure that all qualification are accredited local and if relevant – internationally


The process for each person will be:

Life coaching to restore their dignity and identity, and discover their passion and purpose giving them a dream. .

Financial and Business Ethics and skills

Computer Literacy

Fitness and Nutrition


Practical Experience

Drivers licences

Job Placing

Enterprise Development


Technical Training



Fully qualified technical trades’ person.

Trade Test.

Complete practical experience in the workplace.

Job Appointments.

Enterprise Development.




Oil and GAS Industry – Economic Development Zone Saldanha Cape Town

All industries that require artisans



Fitters & Turners 14060 Certificate to Advanced Diploma N1 – N7
Automotive Electrician 14052 Certificate to Advanced Diploma N1 – N5
Diesel Technicians 14058 Certificate to Advanced Diploma N2 – N5
Sewing Machine Technician 65651 Certificate NQF Level 3 – 4
Agricultural Machinery Technician 14891 Certificate to Advanced Diploma NQF Level 2 – 5
Mechatronics 67629 Certificate to Advanced Diploma NQF Level 2 – 5





Full qualification

Trade Test were applicable

Practical Experience.

Financial and Business Training

Health and Safety Training

Setting out of buildings


Junior Management training

Maintenance of Buildings




Private Contractors

Enterprise Development


Tiling 20815 Certificate NQF Level 3
Basic principles of building 22298,9964,262786, 262784, 120496, 14054,261664, 9976, 14556, 9986, 14885, Certificate NQF Level 1-4
Painting Certificate NQF Level 1-4
Plumbing 22298,9964,262786, 262784, 120496, 14054,261664, 9976, 14556, 9986, 14885, Certificate NQF Level 1-4
Cement blocks & Pillars Certificate NQF Level 1-4
Brick laying Certificate NQF Level 1-4


Fashion and Beauty



Fashion Design


Sewing Machine Techniques


Machine Embroidery

Pattern Making

Pattern Cutting


Textile Decoration

Theatre Costumes



Enterprise Development

Fashion Houses


Schools   (Schools uniform manufacturing)

Churches (Township Churches uniform manufacturing)


Fashion Wear 7722-20 Certificate to National Diploma NQF Level 1 – 5
Jewellery 7822-56 Certificate NQF Level 2 – 4
Sewing Machine Techniques 7722-02 Certificate NQF Level 1- 4
Beauty Therapist 22920 Certificate to Diploma NQF Level 2 – 5
Hair dressing 64652 Certificate NQF Level 2 – 4
Braiding 64652 Certificate NQF Level 2 – 4


Sit jou kurses details hierin

Retail and Wholesale


Store Person

Store person – packer/ shelver


Retail and wholesale industry most wanted people

Further advancement opportunities as supervisor / leadership

Outsourced Merchandizers




As computers have become an integral part of our lives we cannot ignore the fact that many people are illiterate and this causes problems for our youth and middle aged people when applying for jobs or when entering into a trade. We are going to ensure that each person going through our training program will be computer literate and proficient before leaving the Centre. For the people who would like to proceed into a Career in Information Technology the training will be provided for this.


The Government has also announced an initiative to promote computer literacy and we will be setting up an E Literacy Centre for Excellence to address this problem not just for our students but for the community of Paarl.



Computer Literacy




Auto CAD


Early Childhood Development

There has been a directive from the Department of Social Development calling on all the Farm Nursery Schools for them to be compulsory registered, as the result of this directive the teachers that are working and caring for the children in the Farm Nursery Schools are now required to be formally trained and the formal curriculum to be developed and implemented.

Our country’s constitution has enshrined education as a basic right of all citizens and thus rightfully so, there is a strong focus on excellence and exceptional academic performance, however there is not adequate provision made for those children whose performance is lacking. This phenomenon is more apparent amongst disadvantaged and rural communities as they lack an educational support structure.

We have identified a need to focus on those mainstream students, who because of circumstances are unable to perform or meet the standards determined by our schooling system and thus they either fall behind or are lost. They are in danger of becoming non-productive citizens. The types of learning difficulties these students tend to display can be identified as but not limited to:
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity   Disorder (ADHD)

Dyslexia  – The inability to read

Dysgraphia – The inability to write

Behavioral problems –  Often related to domestic instability

Concentration difficulties – This results from poor comprehension or language


Lack of Childhood stimulation – Parents displaying a lack of interest in the child’s



Teachers 22034 Diploma NQF Level 4 – 5
Crèche Assistants 22034 Diploma NQF Level 4 – 5



 Some of the challenges experienced are children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. These Children have also never been exposed to learnerships and the outside world. By doing life coaching we will be making sure each child is given every possible route to ensure success.

Coaching is a significant tool in changing behaviours, developing new skills and re-evaluating values, attitudes and limiting thinking patterns.

Secrets of Motivation:

Motivating factors – Understand what motivates you



Purpose – creating a purpose statement, setting goals and having a dream.

For the modern day leader, coaching enables a framework for personal development for management as well as a providing a mechanism for developing the potential that have been in management.



 Preparing the students to be successful adults:

Winners do things differently

What is limiting you?

Yours greatest ambition

Identifying the Course / Qualification

Ensure each student will be able to do his / her workplace training at a company or at the incubators cost centres through a simulator

Life coaching during this time to motivate and ensure the students reach their full potential

Counselling and Psychology assistance

Placement on completion of the course / qualification or assisting them to obtain funding for them to open their own enterprise

Mentorship for the first year after completion