How companies can benefit

Companies today has not only the legal requirements i.e BBBEE but also the moral responsibility to not only focus on profits but also on their impact in their community and sustainability.

One of the best interventions that companies can make on both the legal requirements and moral responsibility is skills development.

How can we help you?

Let us at Keys2Success help you to develop WSP Plans and identify what initiatives could benefit their Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier Development and CSI Points. Ideally these interventions would help to identify their future skilled workforce and high performance employees. Imagine you can as a business have the opportunity to create a skills pipeline where you can pick only the best employees.

Identify suitable training interventions. This can be Computer Training, Artisan Training or other qualifications

Currently training interventions just look for interested learners and select them. We approach this different. We have a database of potential learners WITH a Occupational Interest Survey. Based on their interest they are invited. This we do in partnership with Assessment4impact

Contact us today so where can show you that investing in the development of the youth makes business sense for you